Norton Antivirus is a leading anti-spyware or perhaps antivirus software product, generated and sold by NortonLifeLock as a part of the Norton band of computer security equipment. It utilizes heuristics and signatures to recognize malicious viruses. Other features included in that include scam protection and email-based virus blocking. It works on Windows only, nonetheless can be attached to any machine that operates Windows.

This antivirus has its own unique features, such as a credit application called symlinks. Symlinks allow the user to launch various applications without requiring individually installed computer software. For example , that allows the computer to open the MS Term application even though other applications may need to always be installed separately, such as Adobe Reader. An alternative interesting feature includes the addition of a “safe keep” feature, which puts all files inside the computer protected from being modified or deleted by non-owner users.

Yet , this anti-virus program wouldn’t protect you from all threats. It doesn’t evaporate have any of the advanced scanning service features, including Intuit Find Me and Fix Me. It will, however , provide you with excellent or spyware detection and removal capabilities. When choosing the product for your residence or business apply, make sure that you find the one with heuristic and signature recognition features. This will detect malware that has been customized after assembly, such as Trojans. You can also download various other spyware and adware protection tools from the Internet that will perform related functions as Norton Malware Plus, which means you don’t have to spend some money to get rid of spy ware once it has entered your body.

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