How Do I Get My Wireless Printer Online? Printer Showing Offline

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remove why is my printer offline

Well i contacted HP support and no response from em. Currently my fix is to just use the devices that are still working. In the view of available printers , I see the two instances and the version shows the green circle with the checkmark, the other does not. Both offer to print from apps (you have a PRINT menu option when you highlight the definition.


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Hi, it sounds like you are accessing via the network rather than it’s own connection. You would need to log on as the administrator of the network to get the ip address. I have just spent about two hours tinkering around with my settings to no avail. I finally completely removed the printer software from my programs and reinstalled it. Although able to print a test page, thats as far as I get.

How To Clear Printer Queue In Windows 10 If It Is Stuck

You may want to visit the website for your printer’s manufacturer to download the latest software and drivers for your printer. I’m surprised no one else seemed to mention it. My driver keeps creating additional “machines”. It’s not always clear which version is actually connected to the printer, and it can change uncontrollably. Sometimes I have to print to each of them to find the one that is working today. I can delete all the machines on Printers and Devices except one that I set as default but new ones are slowly created again.

The Symbol Library¶

But I had some problems on the delete contents of this folder step but for some reason I was able to delete all the files in my printing queue. Should I encounter this problem again I will follow the instructions given to me by you.

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